Monday, 15 July 2013


It's been well over a year since I made an entry in this blog. I think that's because now that I'm back living in Liverpool I kind of thought that it was a bit pointless as I originally started the blog so that family and friends could keep track of what I was up to whilst I was living in Berlin. Now that I'm back , it felt a bit daft to keep a regular blog because I was just up to normal things again, but recently I haven't, it's been a really busy and transitionary time in my life, so I think I'm going to start keeping it regularly updated again. In May 2012 I played my first gig with the new line-up of Silent Sleep. We were supporting The Wedding Present in The Zanzibar in Liverpool. The line-up consisted of a load of mates and some guys that at the time I didn't know at all - we met through recommendations on Facebook, but have since gone on to be really good pals. Graham Jones played bass, Claire Heaslip played Glockenspiel, Andy Donovan played drums and John Gibbons and Elaine Sykes, they guys I met through Facebook played Trumpet and Violin respectively. Since then the line-up has changed slightly and David Johnson now plays guitar and Olly Gorman has replaced Andy on the drums. We've played about 10 gigs together now and it's been really great fun. In September last year I embarked on a Pledge Music campaign to raise some money to record my debut album and it went really, really well. I had no idea what to expect and I was blown away by the response. It was a really interesting experience and one that I enjoyed greatly. I raised the money and I went into the studio with Rob Whiteley and made my first record, Walk Me To The Sea, with the help of a lot of good people. I think I'll save going into too much detail about the whole pledge music lark right now and save it for it's own entry some other time. So much has happened and I'm probably going to be remembering things of note over the next few months so I'll try and remember to write that stuff down here, even if only for my own sake. What really gave me a kick up the arse to start the blog up again is the fact that in 2 days time I'm going to Australia to play some gigs. Even looking at that written down looks unbelievable. I'm going with the guys from The Anfield Wrap podcast and The Tea Street Band. The guys from The Anfield Wrap will be doing three live shows and I'll be playing at each of the shows - the last one being a show with Alan Fletcher and The Waiting Room. That's Dr. Karl Kennedy's band. Karl Kennedy from the Australian TV Show Neighbours. It's just too nuts to properly comprehend what is about to happen over the next 10 days - and I suppose that's why I'm going to write all of it down here. I think there'll be some really cool stories that you'll want to read about and hopefully enjoy. That's if I make it through the flight. I've got valium and the booze is free.