Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This came in the post this morning...


Greetings this fne day. Thanks for getting back to me.
Regarding the questionairre. Please don't fret over the final couple answers. I Will have plenty to go on with the answers you've already finished. It's not supposed too be difficult. Just relax and let go and the answers will come out naturally. Not to worry.
Please send a picture.

Regarding the pricing, let me give you some perspective on your idea that the prices are high. There are some people that think the prices are too low. They understand the spiritual energy that I put into each picture. I've been an artist for most of my 55 years. So when I approach a subject I bring all those years of practice to bare. Each picture usually takes about 4 hours to complete. At $50 per hour that is
$150. I'm worth probably more like $150 per hour with all my experience, so I'm giving people a great deal at $150. And I offered you $50 off. This is considered a fantastic value!

I hope this helps you to see the oppurtunity in front of you.
Right now I have several portraits I'm working on so I'm getting busy. I can offer you this great price of $100 until tomorrow. Then it goes back up to $150. To make it an even better deal we can do a payment plan. $50 now and $50 in a couple weeks from now. We can spread it out for your convenience.

There is one more discount option I can give you. I''ll do it for $75 if you pay me all it up front right now by tomorrow.

So, we have one more day to decide.
Thanks so much Christopher!



I'm going to reply tomorrow.

Monday, 25 April 2011

More Celesting

Had a great night at Liquidation on Thursday just gone! It was totally busy and the people were dead nice too. Loads of dancing 'til the sun came up and then even more somewhere else! Friday was a write off for me but on Saturday I met up with a few guys and we went to play Boules just down the road from where I live. It was a really warm night and after we played a bit of boules we sat down by the canal and lit some candles and drank a few beers. It was great and it's little beautiful moments like these that remind me why moving to Berlin was definitely the right thing to do. The next day was Easter Sunday and me and James and a few others headed up north to a place outside of Berlin called Liepnitzsee, where there is a huge lake with an island in the middle, surrounded by a dead nice forrest. We lay down on the banks of the lake and had a little picnic and tried to swim a bit but it was dead icy so we only got in for about 16 seconds. Apparently my shorts were really see through so I might have inadvertently showed everyone my willy. I loved that day.

I've been continuing my dialogue with our man who makes celestial soul portraits. Here they are...

This is from Erial, as I didn't reply straight away to his last mail...


Just wanted you to know one other person just got in line for a possible portrait.
Since you were first in line I wanted to give you the first chance to get started.
What can you afford my friend? I'll work with you now if your really interested.
It's like a spiritual quest. You need to have a passion for it to work. the energy
is in the air now. Let's use it to ignite your soul portrait into illuminated manifestation!


To which I replied...

Hi Erial,

So sorry I've not been in touch recently. I've been spending most of the time thinking about it all, hard. I've gone through your on-line questionnaire and I've answered all of the questions apart from one, which I'm stuck on. It's the one about who I would be if I was sat at the round table. I just can't make up my mind and it's tearing me apart right now!!

I do want to go ahead with this if we can find the right price. I feel you're asking a bit too much if I'm completely honest (and I swear by a policy of truth at all times and I expect the same from others). Could you tell me a little bit more about the process and why it costs so much money??

I'd be so grateful if you could and perhaps it would ease my concerns regarding the money.

I wish you a very happy time.


I'll let you know when he reaches me.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


So, our celestial artist friend has got back in touch. I'm starting to think that the whole thing is a joke and he's actually some hipster who probably has a blog like this and is posting dead similar entries but obviously with the roles reversed. Or maybe I'm wrong and I'm communicating with a lunatic.

Chris wrote:

Hi Erial,

Thanks so much for getting back to me! I'm really excited about this!

My only problem is with the cost and I hope you don't mind me asking this question but why does it cost so much? Do you think you could come down in price? I would really like so much to begin the transformational process.

Also, my second concern is a little silly but I have to ask it anyway...will the portrait lose any of it's celestial beauty when being sent by email?

Kind regards Erial, look forward to moving along with this hopefully.


€rial wrote:

Hi Christopher,

I was just thinking about offering you a discount because of a recent dream I had. So it's funny you should ask. What I could do is take off $50 and make it an even 100. Can you do that? Is this within your budget? Then I will send you an 8.5 x 11 high resolution art file that you can print on your end.

There is no loss of detail or spiritual energy sending you a computer file. The colors are vibrant and alive. The portrait contains celestial energies that will assist you in maintaining a high vibration whenever you look at it.
A great meditation tool for spiritual growth.

So please send me a picture of you to work from so we can get started.

It would be nice to have the full payment amount all at once if you can swing it. If you pay through paypal and say it's a gift then I get to keep the full amount we decide on.
So let me know how this all sounds. I'm excited to begin the process!



Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Celestial Chris

Just got back home after a the first practise with Aude, a girl I met here. She's from near Paris and she sings like a mad french angel - really beautiful voice! It was a good practise. Seb came too, so slowly but surely we're making forward steps towards being ready for our first show, which is planned to be a show in a park by a pond on June 5th. There should be 8 people in the band I think.

A couple of weeks ago my good friend Andrew Donovan came to visit me and he told him of this great website. It's called Celestial Soul Portraits and it's run by a guy who, for the reasonable price of $250, will take your bog standard portrait photograph, taken here on planet Earth, and turn it into a portrait of you in Unicorn-land, with a staff, pink stars, other-worldy atmospheres and Unicorns. The site is incredible. He demonstrates how he can bring out your higher celestial being with a few before and after shots. One is of him and he basically turns himself from a man standing in a garden with a rake into Jesus fucking Christ.

I was interested in getting one done so I sent him a mail.

This is my mail and the response.


My friend told me about your magical portraits and I'd like to know more about this.

What do I need to do to find out more about my higher celestial presence?

Many thanks,



Hi there Christopher,

Thanks for asking about the celestial soul portraits.

All we need are 3 basic things.

First you decide which size portrait you would like, either 8 x 10 for $150 or 12 x 16 for $250.

Then you send me a high resolution photo to use as the basis of the image.

Second we need you to answer some questions so I can see into your highest spiritual nature.

Finally I need you to send me 50% down for me to begin the transformational process.

The image comes to you as a high resolution file unless we make other arrangements.

I can't wait to begin!

Thanks again,


I'll continue to stick up our little celestial dialogue. I might actually even get one!