Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ok so a couple of weeks between posts is ok isn't it?
My mind has been a total clusterfuck of ideas and plans and things that need to be done before I go and things I need to do once I'm there. I'm just going to have to go through things one by one which is a very rare and calm thought for me. I have several hundred pounds of bills to pay before I leave so today I paid off the electricity bill which was £158. That's loads isn't it?!?!?
We (Hallo...I Love You!) had our single launch party a couple of Sundays ago in The Leaf Cafe. Sarah Lovelock and Laura Mac and Lucy Spoons and I think some others made loads of really cute 'Under the sea' themed decorations and transformed the place into Finding Nemo in about 45 minutes. It looked so good! It was a really nice evening, actually. There was a really relaxed atmosphere and Puzzle and Graham both did really good versions of their songs - Puzzle played an acoustic set with Mounsey on guitar and Graham played on his own for most of it with an electric guitar. I think Lucy's voice has improved so much over the last few years...not that it was ever bad or anything but she just sounds so confident when she sings now and it makes a real difference.

I've been helping my step-dad out on a building site too recently which is pretty tough going. I feel like such a fop when I think that most of the lads do this all the time and I'm goosed after one day. It's only for another 3 weeks though and it should give me some money to take with me.

These are going to have to get more interesting - I feel really self concious about it though...the other blogs I've read are either interesting or funny and this is neither.

Just got back from Berlin last night and we've sorted out a totally ace flat to live in. It's really cheap and it's fully furnished. It has a balcony. And an oven in the living room. It's only for 4 months though but that's fine - gives us some time to get sorted over there etc.

bye x

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