Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I'm making my first pan of scouse out here in Germany right now, as we speak. I always thought it was impossible for some mad reason. I just thought that because I lived in another city that scouse couldn't happen. I don't know why I thought that - I know I'm a bit stupid so it's probably alot to do with that.

So yeah, I got some lamb, some onions, carrots, spuds, beef stock, thick white bread, butter, red cabbage etc and it's now simmering beautifully on the stove. Edda got sent home from work today because she couldn't stop throwing up. It's been a good week for vomming here. The best yet infact. I bought Anna Karenina on DVD for 4 quid the other day so I'm watching that now. I bought the book years ago but somehow Paul Green ended up with it after our Texas jaunt in 2007 and I keep forgetting to ask for it back. Not that I would have read it, mind. It would almost definitely be sat on my book shelf with all the others that are in the queue. I do read them really, it just takes me literally about a year to read stuff like that. Whilst I was reading The Idiot, I also read about 5 not so challenging books (Jackie Collins, Harry Potter, Hannah Montana etc). Anyway, the film seems alright so far, and it's got Alfred Molina in it and he's ace.

Last week I had a chance meeting with a lovely fella called Will who, it turned out, used to play the bass in Spiritualized and Spacemen 3 and is now currently playing with Brian Jonestown Massacre. He offered me some work doing up a flat for an Italian woman, which I pounced upon (the work, not the Italian woman) and I'm going to play a little gig with him in a couple of weeks on the 14th October. That's the day before my birthday, actually, and for the first time my mum and mike and my brother and sister are coming to Berlin to visit me! My mum's never been to Berlin before infact none of them have apart from Mike who used to work here in the 80's.

Hung out with Pete B and the dinner ladies, Rob, Steve from EYH fanzine and Anton yesterday along with Philipp and we spent the day walking around Berlin drinking beers and yet again I took them to same Pizza place I take EVERYONE to (du forni) when they visit. It is fucking good though. Really fucking good. I'll take you there too one day.

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  1. Casually offered foreign pizza invite: accepted. Take D & I to Cheeseville.