Friday, 10 December 2010

Better days!

Wow, that last one was a laugh wasn't it! It's weird here, you notice the ups and downs perhaps more than when you lived at home. Been working away on the 'This Scissor Disaster' EP that I plan to release on Feb 14th. I'll have a launch party/gig to celebrate the release on the 12th Feb and hopefully, fingers crossed, legs crossed and thumbs pressed, Graham is gonna come to Berlin and play an acoustic Voo set to boot! That would be so good and it would make me the happiest little sausage in the whole of East Berlin, and that's saying something because Germany is a place where the sausage is king of the kitchen. Germany's national dish is a giant sausage in ketchup with curry powder on it. Germany! Power-house of Europe! Not in the culinary globe you're not! Anyway, so yeah, that will be great if he can make it over. I've slowly but surely been assembling a band too. Very slowly. When I told people I wanted to get a band together when I first moved over here back in April, nearly everybody said exactly the same thing...'you're in the right place, son.' or 'you'll have no problem finding musicians here, they're EVERYWHERE.' Let me tell you right now...I've been here for 8 months now and I've met 3 to 5 musicians. That's not counting the lunatics doing things like sitting on the floor with a sampler looping their painful wailings whilst having a fit. So it's taken me a bit longer than I anticipated. But I think I've found a bass player who is also a good mate and a I think I might have found a Violinist and a Flute...I've just realied that I don't know what you call somebody who plays the flute...hang on...ok, now I know that a Flautist is somebody who plays an instrument in the flute family, such as a piccolo and loads of other types of flute. So I might have found a flautist. Hopefully, when I get back home from Liverpool after Christmas i can find a drummer and maybe a piano player or an accordian player and we can start rehearsing. Boss!!

Worked a couple of long shifts helping to build the new ikea here this week and I'm djng on Tuesday night at a bar underneath a hostel.

Some more good news...Liquidation Berlin, which I've been trying to get off the ground basically since I came here to no avail now has it's first night booked!! After all the emails that I sent without reply I finally got a call from a club that is dead into the idea and on the 3rd Feb 2011 the very first LIQUIDATION BERLIN will happen. I was so pleased when I got the call I could have started crying but fortunately I didn't as that might have ruined everything. I really can't wait for it, Jules is gonna come over and dj it too.

I finished recording this today, I'm very pleased with it.

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