Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Good eggs.

I'm sat in my living room about to have some eggs which I hope I've boiled perfectly. Just eggs. No bread. Actually, with an orange. Eggs and an orange.

Probably the most stupid first line to a blog entry ever!! Anyway, little update - we had the first Liquidation and it went way better than we expected to really! We had a dance floor until about 5am and then gradually people started drifting home. Me and Jules were both lashed by this point anyway to be honest and were ready for calling it a night, which we did about 5.45 I reckon. But yeah it was boss and the guy who runs it was dead sound and kept bringing us beers and vodkas and tequilas all night! We're doing another one there in April and in May but we need to find another venue for March as he'd already booked it all up. I'm meeting a guy called Pascal at a club called Dazzle at 2pm this afternoon.

I worked with James on Monday, shooting a video involving a Smart Car entirely encrusted with mirrors (most camp thing I've ever seen), and two men dressed in really glittery all-in-one suits (actually, that's the most camp thing I've ever seen). One of the two men was the keyboard player in the band A-Ha. It was nuts. He was nice enough guy though, although I'm sure he nearly knocked me out when one time during lunch I was sat next to him and made a light-hearted quip about his glittery all-in-one outfit (which he was wearing at the time). I think I was only spared his fist (and possibly my job) by the laughter of everybody else who was there, but there was definitely a split second when nobody was sure whether to laugh or not and he shot me a look.
I really enjoyed the day though - started off helping to build a massive kaleidoscope!!

Graham was over for a week too and it was dead nice. Because he was here for a week, it meant there was no mad rush to do everything all at once so we just took it easy and had a slow burning boozy time and loads of fun.

This weekend just gone, the lads from Hot Club came to stay too because they had a gig here on Friday night. It was boss man, I hadn't seen them play in over a year and it was so good watching them. Free the Pterodactyl 3 is, I think, probably their greatest ever song. It's fucking brilliant and beautiful. Very considerate house guests too for future reference.

Here's the video I did too...Matt, who made it, is such a gem and all the people who feature in the video are either friends of ours or kids that Matt babysits. See if you can guess which ones are which. Share it too. Pass it around the whole earth and make it a sensational internet smash hit.

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