Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Later on that day (following on directly from the last post) I went to meet Nick and Ronan and Matt, who are some lovely people I've met through playing what I now call 'International Super Soccer'. I met them in Tempelhof which was this time last year a functioning airport! They closed it down and after a while decided to turn into a huge, airport-sized park! It's so amazing...the runways are now used for cyclists and in-lane roller skaters (is that what you call them) and skater kids, the airport building and the hangars are used as venues formusic festivals and the grassy areas that surround it all are full of people just sitting off and having bbqs and beer and what have you. In the park they also have the cleanest public toilets I have ever used. I would never normally consider having a poo in a toilet in a park but here (although I was kind of forced into a corner, shall we say) I didn't hesitate and went straight in and didn't even line the toilet seat with half of the toilet roll like I usually do. Even at home.
Anyway, it was a lovely day and ever since then it's been really hot.

I've secured some work this week too - it's just manual labour work but it's fairly well paid and the first job is working at the Olympia Stadium helping to put up the huge screens for public world cup viewings.

I also had my first DJ gig last Friday. It was really, really fun but it was clouded by the fact that I went and put it on facebook that I was DJng with Terry Hall. I put this as the status on my facebook because the lady who organised the evening put on her facebook that he was...'Guest DJ Terry Hall and Chris McIntosh' plus she put a link to a Specials song. I thought this was totally believable. If she wrote 'Guest DJ Andy Gray' with a link to some punditry then I might have raised an eye brow. Anyway, Terry Hall was not DJng and before this moment, I've quite happily let my facebook friends believe that last Friday I did indeed DJ with Terry Hall. So please take this as an apology for letting you believe I was doing something awesome. Especially to Jules who almost booked a flight to come here on the spur of the moment. Thank fuck you didn't. Also, the reason I was DJng there initially was because I'd agreed to lend my guitar to the guy who was playing that night. He was a guy from Los Angeles called Philip Seymour Hoffman...I won't tell you how excited I got at the prospect of lending my guitar to Philip Seymour Hoffman, the famous actor.

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