Thursday, 3 June 2010

Silent Sleeping and sun and choc balls

One of the things I love about living in Berlin is the fact that you can take a guitar to a park on a gloriously hot and sunny day like today, on your own, and play and write stuff without feeling like you're about to be battered or at least called a goth or a hippy some angry children. You might look like a dickhead, like, but you won't be confronted by angry children. I remember one time actually, a little but relevant, when 28 Costumes and Voo were playing at this awful gig in North Wales and we'd gone to a pub after soundcheck to watch the Liverpool game somewhere. On the way back to the venue we saw these youngs scally kids, probably about 12 or 13 years old and I think maybe they looked at us and laughed as we drove past them so Graham hung out the window and shouted 'YOU'VE GOT NO FUTURE'. They just looked dead confused but we were all laughing our dicks out because it was probably true. When we realised it actually was probably true we didn't find it funny anymore and we were all felt really sad.

Another thing I love about living in Berlin is the fact that I can buy a 1kg box of choco balls (Germany's cheap version of coco pops) for about 3cent. They taste amazing but honestly, the sound they make inside my head whilst im chewing them is apocalyptic! I have tinitus by the end of the bowl. It's damaging.

I've been writing some new songs recently, loads's been nice having so much time on my hands in one way because it's allowed me to write loads of new stuff. I've been writing stuff that I know I'll be able to play on my own on an acoustic guitar or on a piano so I can play some gigs out here soon. I really wanted to do something with a band but that's gonna have to go on the back burner for the time being, it's just not practical - I don't know anybody yet who would like to be in a band and even then it's gonna take loads of time and stuff. Plus I haven't actually got an amp, so that could be a problem. So yeah, I'm going to start doing some shows on my own hopefully by the end of June/middle of July. I think I'm going to go under the guise 'Silent Sleep', which is the name of a Hallo...I love You! song and it sounds so much better than Chris McIntosh. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to do a photo shoot with a friend called Leena who takes really nice pictures and last night I met up with Hendrik and Franzi who have a really amazing idea for a video for the first song which I finished writing on the tram on the way to theirs last night. I'm really excited! It's called Come! Let's Run Away. I'll try and get it up on that internet soon.

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