Friday, 25 June 2010

Working 5-9

Sorry I haven't been writing much recently. Work started pouring down upon me like a tropical storm. I worked around 60 hours this week. I signed up for this website called and basically they provide big events with local crew to help set up and what have you. On Tuesday I worked at the AC/DC concert which I think would have been more fun if I'd have had more than 3 hours sleep the night before. It was mad though - they have 30 trucks touring with them, all full to the brim of the things needed to perform an AC/DC concert. That makes my trips to poundland for glitter and party poppers and balloons half an hour before a 28 Costumes sound check sound like...well, exactly what it sounds like I guess. It's all been fairly demanding physical labour work so I've spent the hours that I've not been working just sleeping because I've been too exhausted for most things. Sometimes I haven't got the energy to sneeze and I've got hayfever pretty bad.

My cousin is coming to visit today with some friends so I'm looking forward to the weekend - especially Sunday's football match...going to be interesting!

Met some more nice people too who are in the process of opening up a cafe and 2nd hand clobber store. I've been painting the walls and ceilings for them...decent folk, them.

My brain is half dead right now so I'll write more next week.
I bought flowers yesterday and arranged them in a tray out on the balcony.
Here they are. Plus, a photo of me on the AC/DC stage with
a giant train in the background. I mean, a giant train is good and all that but you can't beat hitting a girl in the lip with a lollypop for an exciting rock concert.

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