Wednesday, 25 August 2010

day 7

I'm sat in the living room in Alex and Katrin's house right now and David Spoons is sitting next to transforming Wuppertal SV slowly but surely into european contenders on Football Manager and Graham is writing in a book (actually he's not writing, he's just drawing pictures of dicks). Paul Green is showering listening to Madonna, Paul Jones has just returned after getting lost on a bike, Tony was doing some exercise upstairs and I haven't seen John Wallace all morning but I think he's catching up on some sleep.

We had a really quiet night last night. The night before we played a kind of acoustic show in Katrin's Dad's basement which was really incredible. We had such a laugh. His basement is basically like a little bar with loads of guitars and amps and a piano in. We mixed up all the songs so some were voo songs and some were 28 costumes songs and we played erika on the piano. When we finshed all our songs we covered a few and did Hungry Heart by The Boss, Aside by The Weakerthans, Blue Suede shoes with Katrin's dad on guitar and no-one else by Weezer.

When we got back to Alex's place we had such a boss was mental! We were all dancing in the living room and going hell for leather on the booze. I think we got to sleep around 8 or so.

The gigs have been such good fun to play so far. The Ex-Haus gig was great and we made some more friends there I reckon - we invited a few people outside after sound check for a game of kubb. One of the lads was unbelievable at it.

Tonight we're playing in a cafe/record store in Trier and then tomorrow we leave Alex's house in the morning to go to Offenbach. I didn't realise that we would be staying here for so long, it's been a week now, but as always Alex and Katrin have looked after us so well and just been the perfect hosts and I genujnely feel lucky to be able to count them as friends.

It's a bit subdued in here today...everyone's either had to much sleep or not enough but we're leaving the house in a couple of hours to go the cafe...

Also, just had an offer to play another gig in Berlin with The Boss Hoss. They're a dead massive german band that dress like cowboys. GOD!

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