Sunday, 1 August 2010

Owls are NOT stupid.

I'm sat in my living room. It's 8.58am local time and I've just ate a Brotchen (cob of bread) bought minutes ago and baked an hour ago from the shop downstairs. I'm considering whether to go and make a coffee but I've just remembered that we have no milk so that puts an end to that consideration. I'm also considering ending my blog right here. Nah, I won't do that but I haven't felt like writing this much the last week purely because I haven't really done that much. Work has dried right up and I'm still waiting to be paid so I've not had any money to be going out so much, although Edda has taken me to a few decent of them being the zoo! I haven't been to a zoo since I was dead young...definitely more than 10 years ago. It was magic. The bestest bit was obviously the monkeys but the brown bear was also boss. It's definitely a bit sad though too - I know some of the animals wouldn't be alive it weren't for zoos and stuff but when the masive birds like owls and eagles need to fly, not live in a cage. They eagle in particular looked very sad. i kept on imagining my friend John Wallace doing his impression of an owl when I was looking at the owl because he does such an accurate impression of an owl in flight. I thought of that and I also thought of Alan Partridge too which is funny because sometimes John is alot like Alan Partirdge. John hates owls.

One good thing about not working so much recently is that I've had loads of time during the day to write new stuff so I've been doing lots of that. Mostly for Silent Sleep, which is the project I started just to do some gigs on my own out here. They're all really sad songs and really quiet too. I'm off my head though because one hour of the day I'm writing these songs and getting dead excited about them and playing shows but then the next hour I'll start planning some 28 Costumes stuff and get dead excited about that but then the next hour I'll be thinking about Hallo...I Love You! and then thinking of new ideas for that. I can never stick to one thing for more than an hour or so. My concentration span is tiny. Like an owls brain.

I'm going home soon which is going to be nice. First off I'm going to Wuppertal to watch the first game of the season against Munster, which is kind of a derby I think and then we're heading to Saerbeck again to see Edda's dad for a few days and then I'm flying from Bremen to Liverpool. I'm really looking forward to seeing all my mates and my mum and my brother and sister. It's weird - I feel like I've been away for YEARS and it's only been 4 months. Playing a gig on the 12th in Mello with Voo and then on the 18th we're supporting THE WEDDING PRESENT!! I still can't actually believe this is happening. The Wedding Present are on eof my favourite ever bands and loads of the reason why I write songs the way I do and we're supproting them. It's going to be off it's head. The day after this Voo and 28 Costumes are going to Germany to tour!! It's going to be such a good month. When I get back I'll be shooting the first video as Silent Sleep too for a song called 'Come! Let us run away!' and it's a really sad and fairytaley affair.

Dan's coming this week...YERSE!

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