Saturday, 21 August 2010

Day3 of tour

Yesterday was a dead good day - we went to grab some boss pasta with Alex and Katrin and then hit the park in Trier for some Kubb action. Kubb is one of them games that you just can't help but get totally involved in emotionally, spiritually and fucking fiercely when you play it! Needless to say I lost every game we played! It was Tony, John and me against Paul J, Gray and D.Spoons who tonked us every game. When Katrin and Somaeh turned up we grabbed them to play on our team and they can throw a kubb stick. It was dangerous and people nearly died. We played a wider and longer pitch which made even more exciting when you did actually throw successful Kubb.

I spent the morning learning new Voo songs with Gray and then teaching him how to play Inside/Outside, which took about 3 seconds. The we watched the highlights of the liverpool game then listened to paul play the keyboards to Erika which sounds mega and all that type of stuff.

Tonight we're playing in Luxembourg and we're leaving in a minute so I better go and help pack the van.
Last time we played at this venue they had one of those sound limiters that knocks all the gear off if we play over a certain level. It went off before we even played a note last time and the police turned up half way through our gig. One thing that was boss about it though is that the promoter took us to this amazing Italian restaurant and got all of us some tasty meals and delicious red wineand then me and gray wrote a sexy song in the back of the van afterwards. I hope it's as exciting this time.


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