Saturday, 8 January 2011

best night

When Roy Hodgson's name first started getting used in connection with Liverpool I was horrified. Even though he'd just been voted manager of the year he just always struck me as a journeyman, an average manager and certainly not someone who could take Liverpool back to point of competing with Man Utd and Chelsea for the title again. And I was proved right!!!! What a massive pile of balls the last 5 months of been!! I know the season before was dismal but Jesus Christ he made a mockery of two shams of the club!!

Anyway the only reason I'm posting this blog is because Kenny Dalglish is now the manager of Liverpool Football Club once again and I know that these romantic ideas of former heroes and icons of any club coming back to save everyone very rarely work out but let me state this here and in public (well, i've got 8 followers so if it turns out to be wrong I can still just edit it and hardly anyone will notice)...I've got a really strong feeling that this is going to be good. I'm not basin it on any facts or stats or anything, purely just a feeling but I really think that Kenny Dalglish's return is going to be very successful.

I met him once too. In 2008 I managed to blag some wristbands to go backstage (where all the ale was free - me and Edda were drinking PINTS of white wine) at the MTV awards when they were held in Liverpool. One of my mates, Skinny, pointed out that King Kenny was about 2 meters away from us having a chat to Duffy, the awful Welsh singer, so I went over with Rich from Go Faster>> (great Liverpool band, now defunct) and waited for a gap in the conversation. Duffy looked at me and smiled and said 'I'll be with you in a minute'. Rich and I looked at each other dead confused, she's obviously got the wrong idea. Anyhow, their conversation ends and Duffy comes over, all hair and teeth, 'what can I do for you fellas?'. 'Nothing', we reply, marching straight past her to our hero, Kenny Dalglish who greeted us with a big smile and a strong hand shake. His wife said she thought she recognised me from somewhere so I told her I was in The Killers (I had a moustache at the time, it was plausible). We took some photos with the King and left him to it and then got absolutely wankered on pints of fine, white wines. A truly great evening.

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