Thursday, 27 January 2011

doing all the stuff and scoring goals, saving the planet perusing a grandma.

Loads has happened recently which I haven't been writing about mostly because I've been too busy doing those things I just mentioned there. Ermmmmmm...Let me see if I can remember any of them in no particular order. Loads of mates came over from Liverpool as it was Stiffy's birthday so all the hot club lads, grays jones and murray, david spoons, steve carpenter as well as a load of others all came to Berlin for the weekend. That was the 14th to 16th I think and we spent the whole time drinking beer. It was relentless. The day they all left was the day I was shooting the video for 'You Can Colour Me In' (apologies for the poor grammar and punctuation in this blog I've just had too much coffee and i'm just spewing it out). So yeah, the day they left was the day I was making a video and I looked rough as fuck. I looked like I'd been fighting all weekend. more specifically like someone had been punching my face for two whole days. Not the best preparation but maybe because the song is so dainty then it will add a bit of much needed grrrrrr to it. The video is going to be class though. Matt Greyson, a canadian guy who I met here through playing footy directed it and pretty much did everything else but be in it. I was really impressed - I'd not seen anything that Matt had done before so I didn't know what to expect but it was incredible and i think it's gonna be awesome.

This week i've been working on a music video with my friend James. It's for a singer from L.A. and I've been cutting out lots of japanese things.

Tomorrow I'm playing a gig here with a band called Royalchord who sound great from what ive heard and apparently it's in a really cool place too called anjes oekelund or something like that (sorry, im too lazy to open another window and look properly). Hendrik, one of Edda's friends who I've also become friends with is going to be filming a documentary about me over the next 6 months and tomorrow is the first filming day. Well, he filmed the video shoot last week so it's not really the first one. I think he's just going to follow me around for a bit seeing how i go from doing music stuff to doing manual labour and all that...I think so anyway, I'm still not entirely sure.

I played football on tuesday and scored what might have been the best goal i've scored for ages. I was in goal and I noticed the other keeper was way off his line and I thought to myself, 'if the ball comes back to me I'm WELL having a go at that' and right enough one of the lads was under a bit of pressure so he knocked it back to me and I didn't even look, I just side footed it high into the air and sailed over the other keepers head and into the top bin! I couldn't believe it! Even though I meant it I didn't think I'd pull it off but i did! I could definitely hold my own in the premier league*.

Anyway, it's one week to go until we have the first Liquidation party and I'm psyched. I'm psyched and I'm nervous too. Never done a club night here before so I've got no idea how it's going to go. I hope it goes well, obviously.

I'm doing a photo-shoot on wednesday too. It's with James' girlfriend, Violetta, and she is going to take some photos for her project first, which is about getting people as soon as they wake up and then afterwards, when i look normal again she's gonna take some for me too, as silent sleep kinda thing.

I'm off to put posters up in berlin.

*I wouldn't

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