Thursday, 6 January 2011


Right, I'm going to be well more consistent with this blog this year and perhaps I might even start to make an effort to write it a bit better instead of just vomitting words all over it as fast as they come out of my mind. Actually, I'm definitely not going to be doing that as I think it's impossible for me to because I'm mostly stupid.

These are some things I'd like/like to happen in 2011.

1) Turn Silent Sleep, which at the moment is just me, into a full band playing concerts at music venues not only in Berlin but in places far away too.

2) With above band, record an astonishingly brilliant and beautiful album that will make girls cry.

3) Always make sure I always have some money enough to live (i.e. rent, food, socialising, buying exotic and rare gems)

4) Get a projector so my girlfriend and I can watch movies in a big way.

5) Get Liquidation Berlin going once a week. This will help me fulfill number 3 and be a ton of fun to boot.

6) Be more cool.

7) Get fit not fat.

8) Cover Fleetwood Mac's 'Everywhere'.

9) Visit a dentist

10) Get a 28 Costumes EP done.

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