Monday, 5 April 2010


I was my last night DJing on Saturday night - it was really nice, actually. Had a good few laughs with my friend Jules and then afterwards we went back to his house and stayed up til 10am drinking cocktails of Vodka, Pimms, Jaegermeister, lemonade, raw egg, carrot and black pepper! Yumbo scrumbo stick that up your bumbo! I then went straight to my mum's house to spend Easter Sunday with my mum and sister and aunty and uncle and children. We went to the cinema to watch Nanny McPhee. I managed to stay awake during the trailers but I think I was gone by the time the film started and then I caught the very ending which was absolutely dead sad and although I hadn't seen the build up to it at all it still nearly made me cry.

Ate food, didn't drink, listened to the 28 Costumes interview on the radio and tried to count how many ermmmms I managed to squeeze in to my bumblings (47?) then played a game called articulate, won and then retired to bed. I slept for approx. 13 hours, went for a walk in the countryside with the dog and ate an ice cream. All in all it's been truly nice to spend some time with my family for a bit and it's nice to be back home, even if it was just for a day.

I'm heading back to mine now as some of my friends are going to the Penny Lane Wine Bar to celebrate me leaving. I expect I'll cry. Not really!

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