Thursday, 22 April 2010

I´'m in Berlin

So, I finally arrived in Berlin after going on about it for so long. I think it was about 5 years ago that I first stated I was going to move here. That's generally how long it takes me to do things. The last weekend in Liverpool was dead special. The highlight being the 28 Costumes show in Le Bateau on Saturday night. It blew my mind to have pretty much everyone I consider a friend there. Plus my family came along too which is always nice, especially my younger brother who has only recently turned 18 meaning he didn't get to see me playing much over the last few years. Also, my Aunty, Karen, was there...I only met Karen for the very first time about 6 months ago so it was amazing that she and her partner, Phil, came along too.

Almost everybody came back to my place afterwards for party times. I don't remember too much but several incidents stick out in my brain - Tony Keenan and Carney having a press-up competition, Tony Keenan trying to fit himself into my laundry basket, having a big sing along to do you realise that nearly reduced me to a blubbering pulp, and Philipp and Carney falling asleep and getting gaffer taped up.

I had a couple of really nice days with Edda before she had to leave for three works to go on location somewhere miles away. The first night I spent alone I watched the season 1 of Arrested Development in its entirity(Graham, Claire and Paul got me the whole thing as a leaving gift!). It's awesome! I can't believe I hadn't gotten into it before!

Graeme Murray, class A footy lad, put me onto a website that had a message board which people use to arrange things like games of football so I went on and straight away found a game of real life football happening in a field by me so I went along and played with these guys! It was boss too, there were lads from Ireland, Scotland, France, Argentina, Germany and Canada so I really learnt alot about different training techniques and mad skillz. After the footy I met up with them again and had a boss bbq with delicious home made burgers and mashed spuds. We then went on to the Canadian lad's girlfriend's improvised comedy thing which was at times quite funny. Nice guys though and good to get out and meet some people.

Actually, I went out the night before too just to watch the Liverpool game in an Irish Bar. I got talking to the people who ran the bar and they were dead nice and invited me down to play in the session they have there so I might do that I think.

Anyway, last night I went out with Sophie and my new boss and we went to watch the band for whom I'll be working for as of next week, The Bosshoss. Not really my particular cup of tea but they put on a decent show and stuff and the harmonica player is from Manchester and he's dead sound so we talked alot and drunk more.

Hmmm, what else did I do...

Oh aye, on Saturda last Edda and I went to this photo exhibition in a friends gallery space in Kreuzberg. It was good. The photos looked nice. I don't know too much about all that though, I mean, I looked at them and thought 'That looks ok, that' so I suppose that'll have to do. The music was quite pretentious though. Not offensively pretentious but enough. Two guys sat on the floor with a load of pedals and keyboards and s drum machine that he was playing manually and then wailing into the mic and looping it and stuff. Actually, when I read it back like that I suppose it was quite offensive.

I'm going to try and watch the Liverpool game somewhere tonight and then tomorrow I'm travelling to Tubingen to visit Edda which I'm absolutely looking forward to.

Big one, eh!

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