Thursday, 1 April 2010

Good weekend

Hello! I've had a well busy weekend just there...I say just there but it's already Thursday so I suppose it wasn't just there at all. Anyhow, on Friday night Hallo...I Love You! supported New Young Pony Club in Korova in Liverpool and I really loved playing the show. It's a shame that I'm moving now because I think that after a long time trying different ways of presenting the songs live, we've finally found a format that works! Had some banter with the audience which was nice...I love having some banter. Banter. Some banter. Yes.

Then on Saturday I played footy in the morning with the footy lads although my knees were killing me. I scored a goal that I think is one of my all time bestest ever goals. Then I went to Babylon with Sam and Simon and Nick and Matt to eat delicous chicken kebabs. I got a shower at the gym so I was clean when I did this. The Kebab was really tasty although I had to take some of it home as I was too full and too slow at eating - everybody else had WELL finished there's before I'd got anywhere near finishing mine. I went home on my bicycle and then Tony and Paul from 28 Costumes came round to mine at 2.30pm to practise making music. We're doing a gig in Le Bateau on the 10th April and Paul and Nick are gonna do it with us too, so we need to practice as it's been ages since we'd played together. Paul was great though and he's picked it all up again as if he never left off ever. Then after practicing a little bit Rob and Andy from Hallo...I Love You! came round and picked me up to go to Blackburn to play a show with Diana Vickers who is that girl from the xfactor last year who was going out with the little irish boy called Eog. We turned up and I walked in on her in the dressing room by accident and she was shovelling a load of sausage rolls into her tiny little mouth - there must have been abut 4 sausage rolls in there at that moment but I'm sure she chewed them all properly and stuff because I saw her soundcheck half an hour later and she was singing fine. We waited for the venue rep who was called graham but we didn't know what he looked like so we asked someone and they said to look out for someone with a limp, so we did and there were a few candidates but then he walked in and we nearly killed ourselves laughing because he didn't have a limp he had a PROPER, it was so obviously him so we asked him and he said 'Yeah' so he showed us where to go and what to do and he gave us 8 bottles of Becks and 4 bottles of water. Then we played and when we walked onto the stage the big crowd did cheer for us and for a second i felt like magic, then I felt a bit scared and then finally I relaxed and our songs quite well and I think they all liked it. I took a photo of the crowd to show the folks back home (facebook) what it was like...Then we had to go straight away back to Liverpool to DJ in Low on Lark Lane. This was good fun because Paul form 28 Costumes who came with us to Blackburn also came with me to Low and we played some good music and had about 19 laughs.

The next day was Sunday and Tony and Andy and Paul and I went to Leeds to practice the 28 Costume songs with our old friend nick Hoare. Nick is a special, special man and a good friend and he played the drums spookiluy exactly how it used to be and it all fell into place nicely and we had such fun doing and we were all smiles and laughs and coughs and stretches. On the way home we ate KFC for £4 each and then we got back to Liverpool we all (along with Toria and Lucy) went to play pool and then after we played pool we played Wii at my house. I really enjoyed the weekend. It was good spending it making music with really good friends who I'm defo going to miss once I move but then I guess they'll all just have to come visit and that will be exciting too.

On monday through til yesterday I was really ill though with a nasty chest infection that made me cough up loads of vile nonesense from below. Feeling better now though - last night me and Tony from 28 Costumes went to Radio Merseyside to talk about some music we like and we picked 3 songs. The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet, Pavement - Shady Lane and Elliot Smith - Waltz no.2 (xo). Then I met up with Jules for a pint. Today I'm going to carry on packing my things and then I'm gonna go out on my bike for an hour then I'm gonna go to the fish shop and possibly buy some vietnamese river cobbler for my tea and then im gonna play football depending on how much my knees hurt me and then im gonna come home and watch the 2nd half of the football match and then im gonna watch last nights madmen in bed then fall asleep.
Bye x

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