Friday, 23 July 2010


Nothing too clever or funny or anything today. I played football for a long time this morning and I feel exhausted. Boss though because we've started playing on a proper astro pitch as opposed to either the park or the muddy pitch

I went to the melt festival over the weekend with an old friend of mine and of 28 Costumes called Sophie...she lives in Berlin now too. I was too-ing and frowing whether or not to go as I didn't really have any money to take with me. i got the ticket for free so it wouldn't have made a difference like. I'd spent the week before the festival at Edda's dad's place over in Saerbeck, near Muenster and it was amazing. So nice to get out of the city and the chaos and just be in the countryside. Of course,it helped that Rolf (Edda's Dad)'s girlfriend has a massive garden with a swimming pool and stuff! we spent a few nights there having bbqs and late night swims which was mega. It was also nice to hang out with Philipp, Edda's brother. We get on dead well and it was boss seeing him and edda together because they have a dead nice relationship. So yeah, it was kind of hard deciding to leave all that behind and get back to berlin to the festival but after quite alot of thought i decided i'd be mad not to go.

We left on friday afternoon in a ford KA. That's 4 people, 4 massive bags, 3 tents (i didn't have one) and everyones food and stuff. It was a horrible journey there cos it was so hot and so cramped in the back. i think me and marius might died if the journey was any longer than it was. Once we got there we headed to the camp site and I was still unsure what to do about my sleeping arrangements as i didn't have my own tent. However, there was an area for people who paid €50 to sleep in these sponsored tents and have breakfast and stuff so i just went there and pleeded with them to give me a tent and told them i'd just realised i'd left mine at home and i cant believe it and it's so, so sad and in the end he gave in and let me take one of these tents.

Saw loads of boss bands like the shout out louds, blood red shoes (were amazing), yeasayer, the futureheads, fucked up, darwin deez, the xx (bit bland), dj shadow, foals, hercules and the love affair (dead gay), hurts (dead crap and contrived) and danced to loads of mad techno stuff too. one thing i've noticed actually is that all the indie kids are mad into techno too. its weird cos i remember being a bit younger than i am now and it kinda being one or the's boss though! i like it that they're into loads of different stuff.

had geoff stay with us for a couple of nights too and had some fun...went swimming in a lake not too far from where i live which was ace and it had a massive fountain in the middle that you could swim too and sit under.

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