Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This came in the post this morning...


Greetings this fne day. Thanks for getting back to me.
Regarding the questionairre. Please don't fret over the final couple answers. I Will have plenty to go on with the answers you've already finished. It's not supposed too be difficult. Just relax and let go and the answers will come out naturally. Not to worry.
Please send a picture.

Regarding the pricing, let me give you some perspective on your idea that the prices are high. There are some people that think the prices are too low. They understand the spiritual energy that I put into each picture. I've been an artist for most of my 55 years. So when I approach a subject I bring all those years of practice to bare. Each picture usually takes about 4 hours to complete. At $50 per hour that is
$150. I'm worth probably more like $150 per hour with all my experience, so I'm giving people a great deal at $150. And I offered you $50 off. This is considered a fantastic value!

I hope this helps you to see the oppurtunity in front of you.
Right now I have several portraits I'm working on so I'm getting busy. I can offer you this great price of $100 until tomorrow. Then it goes back up to $150. To make it an even better deal we can do a payment plan. $50 now and $50 in a couple weeks from now. We can spread it out for your convenience.

There is one more discount option I can give you. I''ll do it for $75 if you pay me all it up front right now by tomorrow.

So, we have one more day to decide.
Thanks so much Christopher!



I'm going to reply tomorrow.

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