Monday, 10 May 2010

I've got something to put in you.

I said goodbye to my final mate visitor last night so now I'm on an absolute mission to get cracking on things. Firstly I need to find some work, this has become a matter of urgency now as enjoying the company of my mates has also meant flunking loads of cash on things like tequila and kebabs. So this is first on the list. But to do this I need to register as a resident of Berlin and get a tax code and what have you. I've heard it's a right nightmare to do so I'm gonna do that on Friday with Edda. Wow, there's a guy sat behind me in this internet cafe who dead randomly keeps laughing his dick out in dead maniacal bursts of super loud laughter. Everytime he does it he scares the shit out of me.
So yeah, job and registration first then I really want to carry on working on new material for the next 28 Costumes album. I've got loads of half baked ideas and demos on garage band so im going to go through them and sort the chuff from the chaff and start work.
Also, I've got a new idea for a project I want to do while I'm over here...It's gonna be called Black Lodge and has a lot to do with Twin Peaks. I'll get cracking on it and keep you in the loop.

So yeah, Tony came last week and we had approx. 49 laughs all in all. It wasa great to see him of course and it was also great to work on some songs out on the balcony together and get some rough demos done. We mostly drunk, obviously. Have I wrote about this? I can't remember. Anyway, Jules came on Tony's last night and we had a really good night in a bar called Schwarz Sauer, which we've actually been going in quite a bit. I don't remember alot of the evening right now, but I defo remember Jules having a full pint poured over him by a German man, Tony Falling asleep in the ladies bog and then the walk home consisting of me and Tone doing the chicken dances from Arrested Development and Jules having a Pineapple on his head. So obviously we clocked up the laugh-o-meter to almost breaking point that night.

I slept in the next day and missed tony leaving but he left behind a little note book. I wouldn't have normally opened it incase it was his diary or something but he made a point of leaving a bit of paper that said open on it so i was a book filled with tons of notes from loads of mates saying goodbye and all that type of stuff and it had even been to London because there were scribbles from some of my chums down there too which was all just lovely...I've re-read it since and it's just amazing. Some proper nice mates out there. Also though, some proper nice strangers too. 'Hi I don't know who you are but my mate said sign it so i hope you have fun'. Awwww.

So it was just me and Jules and we spent alot of the time just wondering around and eating and drinking and getting lost and finding ourselves again and we went to watch Trans AM which was just incredible...really mind blowing stuff. It was in Bang Bang club. Jules and I had the idea to try to start a 'Liquidation Berlin' so we spent some time going from club to club looking for a potential venue to do it in. We went to a few but one that we went in with Geoff (Paul) once he arrived on Thursday really stood out. We'd been recommended the place by two friends, Sophie and Marcel who have been great in helping us try and do it. As we went in they wanted 8 euros from us so I suggested I go in alone and have a look around and see if it was worth us all going in. I popped in and had a good walk around and decided that the place was incredible and well worth the attention of my two friends. I totally didn't clock that there were no girls in there at all and all the guys were kissing each other. Not really that extreme but it did turn out to be a fairly exclusive gay night. Yay! Well, we certainly had a laugh and the venue is definitely somewhere to seriously consider.

Jules' last night and we all went to White Trash for burgers and Fondu which was absolutely incredible all round. Edda was back in Berlin by this point so it was splendid to have her out too for a change. We headed over to 8mm bar and met up with Trev from Ezra bang and Hot Machine who ended up knowing some guys that Edda knows who ended up being with a guy who lived on Hartington Road L8...Crrrrrrrrrazy hey? Afterwards we ended up going the Magnet on my charge but I think we picked possibly the worst night to go. It was like, some kind of ironic bad taste party but it was difficult to differentiate from those who were actually being ironic and those who were just cunts.

The next afternoon Jules left and just like when Tony left, I slept through it all. In fact, I think we slept for around 13 hours that night\day. We grabbed some awesome pizza in Kreuzberg that night and then went to watch Kick Ass which I can honestly say gave me 2 of the most funnest hours of my life.

Sunday was Geoff's last day. We went to Maeur Park and saw around 2,000 people sat on a hill watching whatever was happening at the bottom of the hill. Turns out it's just karaoke! Amazing! It was a spectacle in itself to see loads of people getting pissed on asunday afternoon and getting up and having a go at murdering their favourite songs in front of a massive, massive crowd! It was boss! I'm defo going back to get up and sing. Mos. Def.

I'm nearly two-thirds of the way through reading The Corner and it's proper.
Bye Bye x x

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