Tuesday, 25 May 2010

vanishing mind

I think I'm losing my mind. Literally! I've found that recently I've just not been able to talk to people about anything. I'm sure I can remember once, not so long ago, being at least vaguely interesting? Maybe a little but funny to some people? I don't know but whatever the weather right now I can't talk to anyone about anything apart from the most mundane of topics. 'Yeah, it is a bit windy today, I suppose.' Jesus Christ what is the matter with me? I haven't written any decent lyrics for ages either and the two are obviously linked. The link being I use my mind for both interesting conversation and to write lyrics and I happen to have lost my mind so the two are fucked. What can I do to get it back. I consistently read and I have a girlfriend who is into boss film so I watch tons of interesting movies. I like music, lots so I listen to lots of interesting music. What can I do to make my mind come back please? Electric shock therapy? Regression therapy? Mind drugs? FUCK!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe, with the exception of Edda, the people you've spoken to recently are boring so you've stooped to their level? Maybe you should watch all of The Young Ones in one go. That's what I always do. Every day.