Sunday, 30 May 2010

That's not art!!! That's just shit!!!

I had such a good day on Friday y'know. I got up early (didn't need to wake up until 7am but my body refused to believe this and insisted we get up at 4.30am) and went down to Neukolln to help the incredibly lovely and super-talented James Slater shoot a video with The Go! Team. We were shooting it in what was basically someone's bedroom - he'd just shoved all of his possessions into one end of the room and threw a green screen up at the other. It was pretty cool though and it done the trick for sure. The band only had a few hours spare to do it all in as they were actually en route to Leipzig to play a festival that night. I liked the guys from The Go! Team a lot, they were all dead sound people.

I liked Neukolln a lot too, the rent is cheap and it's a dead lively place so I think that me and Edda are going to look to move there at the end of August when our contract is up here.

Later on that day myself and Edda shared a bottle of wine and some delicious Vietnamese tucker on Schoenhauser Allee before heading home briefly to glug off some cheaper white wine before heading out again. Whilst I was at home glugging cheaper white wine I listened to Because by The Beatles from their album Abbey Road over and over again.

We'd been invited to the opening if this art gallery that night by a Matt and Nicole, a really nice and funny and interesting couple from Canadia land, so we headed on over to it. The building itself was absolutely incredible. I think it was an old GDR office building that had been renovated. The art inside the building was a bit beyond me. I just didn't understand it that much. It was just a collection of stuff without any story or explaination. And the stuff wasn't that extraordinary either. it was just a collection of dead normal stuff and some paintings that were quite surreal of men with beards that birds and crazy shit lived in. Anyway, the most remarkable thing about the exhibition was the beer that they sold there. Actually, not so much the beer but the vessel it arrived in. It was shaped like an ordinary bottle but it was metal and it was the lightest metal I've ever picked up. I nearly put a hole in the ceiling when I picked it up it was that light. Mad. I met a guy in the toilets that looked like Karl Marx if Karl Marx had actually been a lumberjack.
After the exhibition we travelled back south to Neukolln to go to a party in a clothes shop. There were no clothes in it yet though...the people had just took over the lease and it was a kind of 'Hooray!' party. I was totally pissed by the time I arrived here though so my conversational output was slim to none and the slim bits were just noises but I do remember they were projecting dead weird soft-core pictures onto the wall. We stayed for a while and had an ironic dance or two (they all thought it was ironic, I just thought it was boss!) then I decided that if I'd have stayed any longer I would have puked upon somebody so we left. We got outside and it was definitely the next day...I think it was 7am or something but the shop had the shutters down the whole time so I was conned into thinking it was still dark outside. What a silly-billy! We had an 11 minute wait for the U-Train so I passed this time by chasing a mouse.

Yesterday was a write-off although I did make a massive and delicious lasagne and started to watch The Wire from the beginning. Today I went for a game of football with a different group of people from who I've normally been playing with. It was fun and it was on a really amazing all weather pitch on Mauer Park. Nearly everyone was German so it was mad playing alongside people and not being able to communicate directly with them. They all sounded so aggressive when they were shouting at each other and me but I ended up picking up some Deutsch words for things like 'Corner!' and 'Throw in' and 'Down the line' but I still couldn't figure out 'ON ME BONCE! ON ME BONCE!!' so I'll work on that for next week.

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